Everything you need to know about WIV points

You belong to a company, association, school which has joined World is a Village. When you sign up your family, you receive an initial amount of 1000 WIV points. Each night is worth 100 WIV points...

Why WIV points?

World is a Village is a collaborative platform. We allow families from our community to get in contact and allow their children to experience worldwide cultural and linguistic experiences.
As part of this collaborative approach, there is no money exchanged between families - you’ll just take turns hosting and sending your children to community family members.

To facilitate these exchanges and provide as many opportunities as possible, we created WIV points :

  • When you travel, you use your WIV points.
  • When you host, you earn 100 WIV points per night.

Thanks to WIV points, you are under no obligation to host a member of the family your child stayed with. The family that hosts your child might send their child to another family.

How do you use them?

If your child wishes to stay in a family for 10 nights, you’ll need to exchange 1000 WIV points to book the trip.
If you host a child for 15 days, you will receive 1500 points.

How can I get the WIV points I need?

By purchasing the remaining WIV points when you book your child's travel.

Purchase chart

From 100 to 700 WIV points: 0.20€* per point
For more than 700 WIV points: 0.50€* per point

* Not including currency exchange fees
wiv points visual

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