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Where is it possible to travel in Europe this summer?

It’s been months since your kids are staying home! Are you looking for a cool project to keep your kids busy this summer? We have great news for you : some european borders have reopen. So, where do your kids can travel this summer ? 


German borders will reopen on June 15, for all european residents.

United Kingdom

In England, the borders have reopened but visitors still have to comply with a “quarantine” of 14 days as soon as they arrive on the territory. This rule will be re-evaluated every three weeks. We will update this data regularly.


If you want to travel to France, you will need a travel certificate to be granted access into the country. UK travellers are exempt from the 14-day self-quarantine measure. Rules will evolve on June 22. We’ll let you know what we be possible from this date.

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Let’s make some new friends this summer!


Spain opens its borders from July 1st for european people and tourism. So it will be possible to spend some time in Spain this summer. 


From June 15, the Belgium borders will open again for travel to and from the European Union. So, whatever the european country you come from, your kid will be able to travel to Belgium this summer.

What we offer for your children this summer

We are closely monitoring the reopening of borders of each country. If you are comfortable with the idea of your child travelling abroad this summer, why not consider a trip abroad, staying at foreign family’s? On World is a Village’s platform, we have about 100 families who are ready to receive or take their child on a trip this summer. Would you like your kids to practice a foreign language and discover a new culture in Spain, France, Germany or UK?

Travelling through World is a Village this summer is less expensive and so much safer than traveling in a summer camp. If you are interested or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at family@worldisavillage.com

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