Here’s how we define World is a Village’s purpose:

Empower a large community of families around the world to educate their children through cultural and linguistic travels.

Together, at World is a Village, we are GRACE :

  • Generous
  • Reliable
  • Audacious
  • Curious
  • Educative

The World is a Village values are:

Together, we are generous

Am I being as helpful as I can be? This is one of the questions we shall ask ourselves on every daily task we do for the community. We will overdeliver whenever we can.

We acclaim our clients and provide referrals and testimonials without taking compensation in return. We act as a team and shall be as collaborative as we can. We shall show proximity and authenticity when we exchange with clients, colleagues or partners.

Together, we are reliable

We all do our best to deliver the best experience on our services. Our goal is to provide the best quality in all the actions we drive. We shall do everything in our power to give and maintain our client’s trust, as sending kids abroad requires security and trust.

We believe data is key in our digital environment. We shall manage private data accordingly and commit to using this data only to improve our service or to serve our client. We commit to being as transparent as possible.

Together, we are audacious

We think our service is a game changer and we are ambitious to provide a brand new way to travel the world. This means we shall do anything possible to keep our proposition unique.

And indeed, we believe the experience of our users, at every step, is the key to our success.

Together, we are curious

At World is a Village, we think that intercultural exchanges are made to improve the world and human beings.

Working to encourage people to travel helps people be more open-minded. We like making it easier for our colleagues, clients, partners to discover the world.

Together, we are educational

We work every day to help parents raise their children. Giving them the opportunity to discover the world and make new friends while travelling.
We keep thinking our engagement is key to bringing this to parents and teenagers.

As it is easier to learn while playing, in every task we achieve on a daily basis, we always bring a touch of fun.