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La Fondation

Generosity is one of the values shared by the members of World is a Village and we believe that World is a Village’s services can benefit noble causes.

As a result, the World is a Village Foundation was created at the beginning of the company.

The two main missions of the World is a Village Foundation are

  • To provide assistance to children who may not have the means to travel or connect with teens abroad
  • To share access to our network of families to support sick children, e.g. by offering access to a host family, contributing to transportation costs, sponsoring medical actions, etc.

In addition to regular donations, the foundation is funded by various levels of our company.

Our goal is to nurture the foundation around the world and at every opportunity in our business.

Thus, we invite our business angels and all the people who have invested in World is a Village to contribute to the funding of the foundation. On the other hand, we also invite our clients such as companies to contribute to the foundation.

Families can participate with micro-payments on our service while registering or booking a trip or purchasing an insurance policy online.

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