The World is a Village Platform (the “Platform”) is made available by World is a Village, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of 15,000 euros, which is in the process of registering with the Paris Trade & Companies Register under the number 837 847 177, whose head office is located at 29, rue des Sablons, 75116 Paris, France, (hereinafter referred to as "World is a Village”, "we", "us" or "our”).

By accepting one or all of the World is a Village Services as described below (the “Product(s) and/or Service(s)”, you accept these general conditions (“General Conditions” or this “Agreement”) as a “Member” (meaning that you have created your Account). The term “Member” refers to the employee of a World is a Village member company or to an individual sponsored by a person who is already a Member. If you do not accept these General Conditions, you must not use any part of the Platform.

World is a Village reserves the right to modify these General Conditions at any time. The changes will take effect when they are published on the www.worldisavillage.com website. The latest updated version will be made available to all and permanently accessible on the Platform, by clicking on the “Conditions of sale” link.

If you have an Account and you would like to send your child to stay with a World is a Village member family, you will have to accept these General Conditions by checking a box. Any changes to the General Conditions will be subject to acceptance by the Member by a check box. If you are a Member and you do not agree to such a change, your only recourse is to cancel your registration to the Platform and to cease all use of the Platform.

In order to understand the rules of use of the Platform, please see our General Conditions of Use, which you must read and accept to be able to continue using it and to subscribe to the World is a Village Services.

In order to understand our confidentiality and privacy protection practices, please see our Privacy Protection and Cookies Policy, which also governs your use of the Platform and the Services. We recommend that you print these General Conditions for your own records.


  2. Please read these General Conditions carefully and ensure that you understand them when finalising your Account to use one of the Services, especially matching with families and the possibility of arranging for your children stay with families with whom you have matched, as well as all related services and products (the "Services"). Please note that you will be asked to accept these General Conditions when you create your Account. If you refuse to accept these General Conditions, you will not be able to create your Account.

    If you wish to contact us, including if you have any questions or complaints, or if you want to report an event or a behaviour that is inconsistent with these General Conditions or a problem you are having with another Member, you can do so by calling our customer service team on this number [XX] or by sending an email to this address contact@worldisavillage.com.


  4. The purpose of the Service is to allow the matching between member families, via a "matching” system, for families all over the world wanting their children to travel from the age of 10 years.

    The Service is based on a relationship of trust between Members, who can access the Platform either as employees of an inter-company network, as members of a community developed by World is a Village, or through the sponsorship of another Member.

    In addition, Members may, at their discretion, choose to subscribe to certain associated services that are offered to them by World is a Village or by one of its partners.

    1. Matching

    2. World is a Village matches the Members of the Platform according to criteria set by the Members enabling them to find a host family for their child.

      Once the "matching" has been done and the host family validated, Members can communicate using a "chat" service on the Platform or other communication tool made available to them on the Platform, in order to finalise their child's travel arrangements.

      It is strictly forbidden for matched Members to communicate with each other outside the Platform, to exchange their contact details, of whatever nature and by any means whatsoever, in order to avoid paying the amounts due under the Service provided and organising a stay outside the Platform. In the event of a breach of this obligation, World is a Village reserves the right to exclude the Member from the Platform and to instigate any proceedings to sanction this behaviour and obtain compensation for damages relating thereto.

      This Service is personal. This means that if you decide to send one of your children to a family, you cannot send someone else in their place. The host family’s agreement is a prerequisite for any stay.

    3. Subscription to assistance insurance

    4. World is a Village offers the opportunity for Members to take out a “Repatriation Assistance and Medical Expenses” insurance policy to cover the child during the trip.

      The coverage is provided by Assur Travel, World is a Village’s insurer of choice. Members may also decide to choose their own insurance.

      In all cases, World is a Village strongly advises you to check that you have an Assistance guarantee covering your child during the trip. World is a Village cannot be held responsible in case of absence of a guarantee.

      If the Assistance Insurance made available on the Platform is taken out, the Member signs a separate contract with the insurer.

      If the Member has to use the assistance service provided for in the insurance policy, he/she must contact the assistance platform as soon as possible according to the instructions and conditions that he/she has communicated.

      World is a Village does not conclude an insurance contract on behalf of the Member, and only acts as a simple intermediary between the Member and the insurer. As such, it cannot be held responsible for any failures attributable to the insurer and cannot receive complaints from Members for any reason whatsoever.

      Personal Liability Insurance is included in the service charge. If you would like more details, please refer to the terms of assistance and personal liability available upon request.

    5. Transport

    6. Members are responsible for arranging their child’s transport to the host family.

    7. WIV points

    8. When they register on the Platform, each family will receive WIV points related to their registration. The more the Member completes his/her profile, the more WIV points they earn. Any WIV points not used by the Member cannot be refunded or returned.

      Moreover, to encourage Members to host children, Members will be, each time they host a child, credited with a number of WIV points from the sending family of the child they host. The number of WIV points exchanged depends on the length of the stay.

      Finally, Members wanting to more WIV points have the opportunity to buy them on the Platform.

      The value of the WIV points is determined by World is a Village and matches the prices displayed on the Platform. These prices are subject to change by World is a Village at any time.

      The WIV points purchased are registered (by family) and added to the total WIV points that the Member holds. They are valid for a period of three (3) years from their date of purchase and must be used before that date, otherwise they will be lost.

      The WIV points purchased may be withdrawn and subsequently refunded by World is a Village within 14 days of being purchased. If you wish to request a refund of WIV points you have purchased, please send an email to contact@worldisavillage.com.

      WIV points will be considered lost when they reach their expiry date.


  6. The pages of the Platform will guide you as to how to match with a family and then arrange, carry out and monitor your child's stay. Our Service allows you to check and edit any errors before submitting your stay request. Please take the time to read and review your request on every page of the process.

    Prices will be as indicated on the Platform at the time you make your stay request.

    The Member will be directed to a page summarising the details of the stay. World is a Village cannot be held responsible if the Member provides erroneous data in one of the elements of his/her order. Any carelessness or negligence by the Member cannot be attributed to World is a Village.

    Once you have confirmed the stay, we will send you an email acknowledging receipt and giving details of the stay request (date, location, family, duration, etc.) and the final price you will pay. Please note that this email does not constitute confirmation or acceptance of the stay and we reserve the right to refuse the stay. We need to obtain the agreement of the other family before validating the stay.

    We will confirm our acceptance by sending you an email confirming your stay, the dates, the location and the next steps before departure. The stay will only be confirmed when we send you this confirmation email, once the contract is concluded between us ("the Confirmation").

    If the other family refuses any condition of stay, we will inform you of this very quickly so that you can discuss it with them.

    Pursuant to Articles 1316 and following of the French Civil Code and Article 1326 of the French Civil Code, World is a Village and the Member accept and acknowledge the perfect validity of contracts concluded by electronic means. They therefore agree to conclude the contract electronically in accordance with the provisions of Article 1316-4 of the French Civil Code and the Decree of 30 March 2001. The Member agrees not to dispute the admissibility, validity or conclusive force of the contract. The electronic document formalising the contract will be stored in World is a Village’s files.


    1. Prices

    2. The Prices of the Services are as specified on the platform at any given time. Each Member shall pay the following prices. The prices are currently as follows :

      • The service costs (excluding exchange costs): €90 including all taxes. This amount is due when matching with a family has been carried out and recorded on the Platform. The service costs include personal liability. This guarantee is provided by World is a Village and cannot be reimbursed or used to offset service costs;
      • The amount of Repatriation Assistance and Medical Expenses is between: €100-€400 including all taxes depending on the chosen destination and the time of the stay;
      • Purchase of additional WIV points: between €0.20 and €0.50 for one WIV point (excluding exchange costs).

      The prices are indicated based on exchange rates. Prices and taxes may therefore fluctuate daily based on variations in exchange rates.

      The prices of Services may vary from time to time, but such changes will not affect any orders you have already placed.

    3. Compliance with the law applicable in each country

    4. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We accept no liability if you violate any laws.

      The Member cannot, under any circumstances, make commercial or professional use of the stay or resell the stay.

    5. Administrative formalities

    6. It is your responsibility to obtain information about this and ensure that your children meet the requirements for the visas, authorisations to leave the country and vaccines needed to enter and stay in each country. Each country and each transport body (airline, railway, shipping company) has its own conditions of travel. We ask you to read them carefully and respect them in view of the stay.

      It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that his/her children are in line with police, customs and health formalities.

      No refunds can be granted if your child does not comply with these rules and cannot go on the stay.

    7. Payment terms

    8. Payments for service costs, insurance and WIV points are made exclusively by credit card. The following cards can be used :

      • Visa
      • Discover
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • Diners Club
      • JCB

      If you pay for your order with a credit card, you will be asked to enter the details of this card during the payment process and to follow the instructions provided.


  9. World is a Village is allowed to cancel a stay or matching for legitimate reasons (for example, if one of the families does not respond).

    You are legally entitled to cancel a Contract under the regulations in force in your country (the "Regulations") during a specific cancellation period. This means that during the cancellation period, if you change your mind or decide for any other reason that you do not wish to send your child on this trip, you can inform us of your decision to cancel the Contract and be refunded.

    Your planned right to cancel a Contract applies from the date of the Confirmation, with this date being the date on which the Contract is entered into between us. The applicable cancellation period is 14 days starting on the date of Confirmation.

    You must inform us of your decision if you wish to cancel a contract.

    You can send an email or contact our customer service team by phone, email or post using the contact@worldisavillage.com email address, this phone number [XX] or this postal address: 29, rue des Sablons, 75116 Paris, France. If you send us an email or write to us, please include the details of your order to help us to identify it. If you send us a cancellation notification by email or by post, your cancellation will take effect on the date on which you sent the email or posted the letter for our attention. For example, you will have given us a timely notification to the extent that you posted your letter before the last day of the cancellation period or you sent us an email before midnight on that same day.

    In the event of cancellation by the family sending the child or hosting the child, World is a Village will refund the service costs paid to World is a Village by both families using the same payment method as the one used to pay for the stay, unless the Member expressly requests otherwise, within 14 days. For the refund of amounts paid to the insurer, the travel agency or agent or any other service provider, the general conditions of these service providers will apply to manage the refund.

    If the stay is cancelled beyond the 14-day period, no refund will be given by World is a Village. The same applies if the stay is cancelled by only one of the families beyond the 14-day period.


  11. World is a Village is only responsible for matching families through the Platform to enable their children to go on a stay. Regarding the Service consisting of matching families, World is a Village cannot be held responsible if the stay does not go as planned or for any incidents occurring during the stay.

    In addition, World is a Village is not a tour operator within the meaning of the French Tourism Code.

    The Member must provide transparent information to the family in which his/her child is going to stay of any particularity concerning the child likely to affect the course of the stay (people with reduced mobility with or without a wheelchair, health problems, allergies, etc.) and not hide any information.

    World is a Village cannot be held responsible for :

    • oral or written exchanges between the families and their content during linking and matching and throughout the stay;
    • the behaviour of children and families during the stay;
    • dissatisfaction regarding how the stay went;
    • the course of the stay;
    • breach of contract by one of the families;
    • information and data submitted by families before departure or during the stay.

    World is a Village can by no means be described as a tour operator or agency within the meaning of the French Tourism Code.

    The Service is provided without any guarantee of any kind and World is a Village is not bound by any obligation of result towards you.

    World is a Village can only be held responsible in case of fault, negligence or failure to fulfil its obligations causing you direct damage. Any damage suffered by a third party is indirect damage and will not give rise to any compensation. World is a Village SHALL ONLY BE RESPONSIBLE TO THE USER FOR DAMAGES WHICH OCCUR DIRECTLY FOLLOWING THE PERFORMANCE AND/OR NON-PERFORMANCE OF ITS CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS, WITH IT BEING SPECIFIED THAT World is a Village’S TOTAL AND CUMULATIVE RESPONSIBILITY SHALL IN NO CASE EXCEED THE PRICE PAID BY THE MEMBER FOR THE STAY.

    Regarding the subscription to Assistance Insurance, as it is only an intermediary between the Member and the Insurer, World is a Village cannot be held responsible for it. In case of damage, the Member must contact Assur Travel as provided in the contract.

  12. MINORS

  13. Minors cannot subscribe to a stay alone. Only parents are permitted to use the Platform and organise a stay for their children.


  15. We accept no liability for non-performance or delay in performance of any of our obligations to provide the Platform and the Services caused by an Event Beyond Our Control.

    An Event Beyond Our Control means any act or event beyond our control, including, but not limited to, strikes, lockouts or other trade union actions by third parties, civil disturbances, riots, invasions, terrorist acts or threats of terrorist acts, wars (whether declared or not), fires, explosions, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, epidemics or other natural disasters, or failure of the public or private telecommunication networks or inability to use transport or other means of public or private transport as recognised by the applicable law or jurisprudence.

    If an Event Beyond Our Control takes place and affects the performance of our obligations :

    • we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible in order to inform you; and
    • our obligations will be suspended and the deadline for fulfilling our obligations will be extended by the duration of the Event Beyond Our Control. If an Event Beyond Our Control affects the organisation or course of a stay, the stay may be cancelled and rescheduled once the Event Beyond Our Control has ended or the family changed, without this giving you any right to compensation.


  17. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us and supersedes all previous agreements and communications. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid by any court, the invalidity of this provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement. A waiver will only be enforceable if it is made in writing and no waiver shall be construed as a waiver in any other subsequent case or event. The titles are inserted only for the sake of convenience and have no legal implications.

    Please be aware that these General Conditions are governed by French law. This means that your use of the Service, as well as any dispute or claim relating thereto shall be governed by French law unless certain provisions applicable in your country of residence are imperative, when they are more favourable to the consumer. You and we agree that the District Court of Paris shall have exclusive jurisdiction if your residence is in France.

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