From the very beginning of World is a Village, we are building technology to drive our mission forward.

Therefore, we develop technology so families can connect securely with new travel experience.

When you’re thinking of taking your child abroad, to a family you’ve recently met, the safety and security of your child’s home is of paramount importance.


For that reason, our in-house developed platform has as its core functionalities to connect families in complete security.

As part of our values, we used technology as a tool to serve people. As a consequence, we think design and platform can improve the family and children experience.

When a new user creates an account on World is a Village, we invite them to introduce themselves to the entire community. This can be done by filling out the complete profile of his or her family. All of this data allows us to find the best families to connect them with.

As we have experienced for ourselves, we know the importance and the amount of information that can ensure the smooth organization of the trip between the families: children age, gender, travel experience, autonomy, confidence, etc.

Our artificial intelligence algorithm provides the best match between families using this data.

We make sure that the data of the families present on the platform are stored according to the rules and safely.

Different levels of visibility of family data are possible depending on the level of contact between families. 

We feel a sense of responsibility that data is at the heart of everyone’s privacy. All data collected is encrypted and secure.

Accordingly, we will never sell or use these data for commercial purposes.