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Tech for good & Tech for all

Since the very beginning of World is a Village, we have been building technology to advance our mission.

As such, we are developing technologies that allow families to safely connect to new travel experiences.

When you’re considering taking your child abroad or enrolling them in an online community, the safety and security of your child is of paramount importance.

That’s why our in-house developed platforms have as their main features to connect families safely.

In keeping with our values, we have used technology as a tool to serve our members.

As we have seen for ourselves, we know the importance and amount of information that can ensure the right travel arrangements between families: age of children, gender, travel experience, autonomy, trust, etc.

Our artificial intelligence algorithm provides the best match between families by leveraging this data.

We ensure that the data of families on our platforms is stored according to the rules and securely.

We feel a sense of responsibility that data is at the heart of everyone’s privacy. All data collected is encrypted and secure.

As a result, we will never sell or use this data for commercial purposes.

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