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Digital Journey

25,00 / month with 1 month free trial

Learning a foreign language requires not only learning, memorizing, and appropriating the different rules, but above all practicing, frequently and assiduously.

That’s why a pen pal for your child can be an excellent way to engage them in learning the language and get them talking.

So here’s our mission: to bring together English and French-speaking pen pals from around the world to talk and write in live sessions.

(from 8 years old)

The program starts the 13th of September 2021

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How does the program work?

The idea of the Digital Journey is to combine learning and gamification in order to improve French, but also to work on self-confidence in foreign languages.


Each week

  • 1-hour session in mini-age groups, led by a bilingual coach to interact, learn from each other, communicate with your French-speaking pen pal and find common interests.
  • A new current theme to generate discussion (example: American elections, escape game on the theme of Paris, Green Week, unusual sports…)
  • A vocabulary list on the theme of the week

And also

  • Multicultural quizzes
  • The possibility to send messages to the international community at any time
  • Points to unlock game levels and win lots of gifts
  • Invitations to our Digital VIP events to meet our guests


How to talk to a pen pal?

Don’t panic, we know it can be intimidating to speak in a foreign language, that’s why our coaches and animators are there to animate the live sessions with fun and educational activities that engage exchanges between young people.


Why enroll your children in our online pen pal program?

Your children learn, without even realizing it, through fun and games and by connecting with kids from around the world.

The benefits of this program are:

  • Work on oral expression
  • Building confidence in foreign languages
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Discovering new cultures
  • Create an international network


How do I find a pen pal safely?

Security is paramount at World is a Village, and we ensure that all community members are vetted. In addition, the platform is private, secure and moderated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our databases are fully secure.


How can I get a free French-speaking foreign pen pal?

Join our online pen pal community hosted by our bilingual teachers.

  • Educational content
  • Information related to the French-speaking world
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Monthly events with special guest speakers who lead workshops

Join the free online French community


I want my child to do a language exchange

Why not spend a vacation with your French pen pal if the opportunity arises?

We agree: language exchanges are definitely a great way to improve speaking skills and confidence in a foreign language.

The correspondence started through the Digital Journey program can lead to a language exchange, and the good news is that this is an option with World is a Village.

Whether it’s to France, Belgium, Swiss or even French Islands, this language exchange is based on hosting children and teens between families. To learn more about the language exchange programs offered by World is a Village, click here!


More information

World is a Village partner with many schools and institutions in countries around the world.

Partnering with World is a Village means personalized attention and discounts on the online pen pal program for all students. Want to learn more and get a quote dedicated to your needs? Contact us directly here.

Equipment required for video/online courses

  • A computer or smartphoneA good internet connectionAccess to a webcam and a microphone




Additional Information

The Digital Journey, a new way to connect to the world!

Learn… with confidence

  • Inspired by Montessori methods
  • Based on gamification
  • Build confidence in foreign languages

Share… with teens from around the world & bilingual coaches

  • Weekly meetings with pen pals
  • All levels welcome
  • Individual coaching sessions

Connect… Securely

  • Private & secure platform
  • Facilitated by our bilingual coaches
  • Personalized coaching

How does it work?


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