As a tech company, we really pay attention to assure user privacy. Data management is one of our priorities, that’s why we focus on being more than compliant to GDPR.

Like most online services, each time you visit our website, we collect certain data and information about you and/or your computer that does not allow us to identify you directly.

When you access and use our Website, we may track your visit and may, collect certain data relating to your use of the Service and your activity on the Service.

However, we do not collect any Personal Information about you, unless you decide to provide it to us.

No information about you or your family members is visible to persons who are not registered on the Website.

his means that only people who have created their family account on the Site and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Family Charter can see information about you.

The Personal Information provided to us allows us to establish contact, make your child’s stay, create an account for you and update the information in the “Our Family” service, personalize our product offering and improve your experience on our Website, making it more convenient, efficient and user-friendly.

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