A connected learning experience for your child!

A structure

Company, community or associations…

Sign up to World is a Village and give your employees the opportunity to organize immersion homestay trips within our worldwide network of families.

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You are a family

Your child will feel like a fish in water

You are part of a community (company, association, alumni, school or university…) which has signed up to World is a Village, so you can join for free.


You will only pay if you travel

Quality of service

Service charge $170 or £130 (150€)

These fees cover the operational costs for our platform, the tools we provide in order to offer the best possible user experience, support preparing for your trip and an insurance for host family.

Quality assurance

Our assistance insurance

The travel insurance is available 24/7 Worldwide. It can be activated when booking the trip, the cost varies depending on the length of stay. Learn more

Transport quality

Transportation costs

You have to cover all transportation costs, which will vary according to the destination and the type of ticket and the type of company you choose.

Become the God of WIV

When you are a member of an organization, you get 10 nights free at registration – that’s 1000 WIV points.

God of WIV
  • In the interest of community friendliness, we wished to avoid the exchange of money between families. The WIV Points allow the exchange, without any question of money.
  • Earn free WIV Points by welcoming children from the community (100 WIV points per night)
  • At the time of booking the trip, if you are missing WIV points to validate your trip, you can purchase additional points.