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You are a company, a community or an association

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You are a family

Your company has signed up, so your World is a Village membership is free.

You’ll only pay if you travel :

  • Service charge 90 euros (not including exchange fees)
    • These fees cover the operational costs for our platform, the tools we provide in order to offer the best possible user experience, support preparing for your trip, and services including assistance and civil liability insurance for the host family. VAT included.
  • Assistance insurance is optional; its cost depends on the length of the trip
  • Buy extra WIV points
    • You earn 1000 WIV points (10 nights) as soon as you sign up and complete your profile
    • You can earn WIV Points by hosting children from the community (100 WIV points per night)
    • If you don’t have enough WIV Points for your trip, you can buy more
      • From 100 to 700 WIV points: 0.20€* per point
      • Over 700 WIV points: 0.50€* per point

You will have to cover all transportation costs, which will vary according to the destination and the type of ticket.

Indeed, certain companies require that minors travel with UM (Unaccompanied Minors) tickets, depending on their age

* Not including exchange fees
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