World is a Village has specially created assistance options to ensure child’s safety during the trip.

This support can be activated from anywhere in the World.

This exclusive assistance includes specific guarantees such as:

  • Support in the case of a no-show or late arrival of the host family
    24/7 telephone assistance in the case of “blues” or any problem during the stay
  • Repatriation if there is a problem on site
  • Essential guarantees: illness, hospitalisation, accident, psychological care, etc…

The assistance was tailor made to meet the specific World is a Village needs. It contains exclusive guarantees that even premium credit cards do not cover.

The World is a Village insurance can be purchased during the trip validation process.

The insurance can be activated per day, for each day of the child’s trip. Insurance is offered at a rate of $12 or £9 (10€) per day.