How does it work?

World is a Village gives children the opportunity to travel anywhere: across the world or just a couple of hours away, they can stay with families that are part of our community.

For families

  • Sign up

    • You belong to a company, an association, a school, a university, an alumni association which has joined World is a Village
    • For companies, associations, schools…
    • On this page, you create your account and your family profile
    • You immediately earn 10 nights (1,000 WIV points) to spend on your first trip!
  • Travel

    • You explore the families who are registered on World is a Village, by chosing a destination, a language, travel dates
    • You get in touch with the family you’re interested in
    • You chat with them, use visioconference to get to know each other and organise the trip’s details
    • You use your WIV points and confirm your options (you can buy additional WIV points, optional assistance packages)
    • Once the other family has confirmed that they will host your child, you validate the trip and pay through our secured payment service
    • Throughout the process, you take advantage of the World is a Village help to prepare your trip
  • Host

    • On your profile, you have set up your preferences: languages, activities, household rules...
    • You receive host requests from World is a Village families
    • You choose the families whose child you want to host
    • You share your culture and open your doors to the world
    • You earn 100 WIV points per night you host a child
    • You use your WIV points to send one of your children on a trip!

For companies, associations, schools…

You are a company, an association, a school or university: you are a community !

Sign up to World is a Village and give your staff, members, students or alumni access to our worldwide network. They just need to register their family on the website to enjoy our services.
Interested to sign up your community? Contact us !

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