How does it work?

WORLD IS A VILLAGE gives your children the opportunity to travel anywhere.
On the other side of the world or just a couple of hours away, they can stay with families that are part of our community!

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You are a company, a community or an association. As a member, your entire community can sign up and enjoy WORLD IS A VILLAGE services.

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  • Sign up

    • Your company is a member of our community
    • Create your account and your family page
    • You’ve earned 10 nights (1,000 WIV points) to spend on your first trip
  • Travel

    • Choose a destination, a language, your dates, your interests...
    • Get in touch with the host families you’re interested in
    • Use your WIV points and confirm your options (buy additional WIV points, optional assistance packages)
    • Confirm and pay for your trip (the contract and online payment are fully secure)
    • Take advantage of the WORLD IS A VILLAGE assistance package to help prepare your trip
  • You've signed up

    • Enter your preferences: languages, activities, household rules...
    • Receive host requests from WORLD IS A VILLAGE families
    • Choose the families that you want to host
    • Share your culture and open your doors to the world
    • Earn 100 WIV points per night you host
    • Use your WIV points to send one of your children on a trip