Camille is a mum of 3 lovely children. Her 14-year-old daughter Penelope wanted to go to the United States during the summer holidays.


She wanted to learn English and discover American culture. She is the one that set the seed in Camille’s head to create World is a Village.

Camille started to look at the options available and discovered that the offer on the market hadn’t changed since she was a teenager!

The offers being very opaque and robotic, she could not communicate directly with the potential host families.

She wasn’t able to find what she was looking for, so Camille looked and found an American colleague without using a platform.

She didn’t really know the person but felt safe enough sending her girl more than 7000 km from Paris.

Since she is an entrepreneur, she said to herself that today we had to do better than this, using digital tools. We could offer a different, new way to experience travel for our children.

Then Camille studied this market in more detail and started thinking about modernizing it.

She really liked the idea of offering families an innovative service that allowed them to interact with each other before sending their children abroad and creating friendships beyond boundaries (learn more How it works).

World is a Village was created to put the trip organisation anxiety at ease. Designed on the premise that travel for teenagers is the answer to the need for open-mindedness, cultural understanding and education for our children – see our pedagogical vision.

World is a Village was born! 😆