Camille is a mum of 3 lovely children. Her 14-year-old daughter Penelope wanted to go to the United States during the summer holidays.


She wanted to learn English and discover American culture. She is the one that set the seed in Camille’s head to create World is a Village, already a serial entrepreneur in education.

Camille started to look at the options available and discovered that the offer on the market hadn’t changed since she was a teenager!

Over the last 15 years, the way of travelling has been revolutionised by bringing more transparency, more authenticity, more choice thanks to models like airbnb, Booking, Evaneos,… But nothing for teenagers. Linguistic trips are still based on catalogues. The offers were very opaque and random, so you couldn’t communicate with them, choose your activity or meet potential host families directly.

As an entrepreneur, Camille thought that today, we had to do better than that, using digital tools. That connecting young people was a major educational issue. A chance to participate in creating a better world by fighting for diversity, openness to the world, self-confidence for future generations.

Camille then studied this market in more detail and started to think about its modernisation.

World is a Village was born! First through a network of families around the world for homestay, then with the covid of a social network for teenagers and today a marketplace that lists the best digital solutions and stays abroad for youth