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Find the ideal digital correspondent for your child

Have you already offered dozens of activities to your child during confinement and then partial deconfinement? Do you want to help your child to be entertained, to continue to be open to the world and to learn? Then you are at the right place 😉

Create links and improve your kid’s language skills with a native speaker

At World is a Village, we have more than 1000 families ready to connect with families from all over the world, and as many children who can help yours to improve their language skills and open up to the world. German, English, French, American, Spanish … Our families are present in more than 40 countries. We offer you the opportunity to find a World buddy for your child, thanks to the World is a Village platform.

What are the advantages of having a World buddy?

It’s no secret that progress is made faster and faster by being immersed in a language. This is the advantage of regularly discussing with a native speaker, either orally or in writing. Your child will learn grammar, verb conjugation, but also everything that you don’t learn at school: expressions, linguistic subtleties and oral specificities which make the charm and singularity of the language.

The second, and not the least, advantage is that when the situation allows for further travel, your child will be able to consider a trip abroad with his or her pen pal. This way, he will be able to improve his language skills and meet his digital pen pal… in real life! Exciting, isn’t it?

What is it like to have a digital correspondent through World is a Village?

Choice of the digital pen pal

The first step is crucial: the choice of the World buddy.

Thanks to the World is a Village’s platform, you have access to more than 1000 families all over the world, who also wish to get to know families who speak another language. English, French, German, Spanish… You can choose the language your child would like to practice!

The best part about World is a Village is that we have a dedicated team to help you find THE perfect match for your child. Write to us and let us know your child’s age, interests, language(s) of interest and we will suggest families that match your criteria. To write to us, click here.

Connect by video, directly on the platform

On World is a Village’s platform, you have two possibilities: the first is to talk to the chosen family in writing, exchanging messages through our messaging system integrated into the website. This allows you to introduce yourself and agree on an appointment time for your video call.

Video calling is the most user-friendly and effective way to learn a language. Your child will get to know his World buddy by addressing pre-selected topics. If necessary, we will help you find themes to discuss and give you the keys to make your child’s conversation fluid, fun and enriching.

Free and flexible exchanges

On the platform, you are free to organize exchanges as you wish: day, time, recurrence of video calls and duration.

The use of our platform to find one (or more) World buddy for your child is completely free of charge.

To sum up, we offer you the opportunity to use our platform in a different and fun way, during this unprecedented period. If you would like to find a digital friend for your child or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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