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Educational Vision

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Educational Vision

The best way to improve the world, this unique place we all share together, is to allow its inhabitants to meet, exchange ideas and get to know each other better.

And thus to better understand each other’s culture.

According to the report “Proposals for a better command of modern foreign languages, let’s dare to say the new world” by Alex Taylor and Chantal Manes-Bonnisseau, submitted in September 2018 to Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education, the best way to learn a foreign language is through immersion as well as peer-to-peer interactions.

Going abroad for a cultural or linguistic trip or exchanging daily with foreigners thanks to new technologies, allows us to live new experiences and enrich ourselves personally.

Furthermore, we believe, and we hear it every day from our community members, that immersion builds independence, confidence and curiosity.

More than just a host family or an online network, children take advantage of the World is a Village concept to meet and make friends. In this way, children create an international network that they develop throughout their lives.

The World is a Village project was designed with families and children who are old enough to travel independently. The goal is to build a project that meets their needs and helps them grow.

Workshops with parents and children were conducted at several stages of the implementation of our services.

The World is a Village service is therefore a collaborative platform, which is structured so that families are the main actors in the choice of opening up the world to their children, whether through travel or through technological means.

We support children with educational tools developed with game experts to help them in their experiences and to open up to the world.

We wanted to develop a global educational vision to accompany all the actors of this immersive journey.

World is a Village accompanies the whole family in this unique educational experience.

Finally, as a proof of our commitment, we deliver certificates to the children of World is a Village that are valuable for schools as an immersive experience.

Growing as a human being, opening up to the world, getting to know it better: here we have the keys to a world with less fear, less racism and less hostility.

A better world, for our children and for their future.

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