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World is a Village has developed a tailor-made offer for schools.

We can include your pupils in our communities, or create a custom community for you and a foreign school

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The Digital Journey in a nutshell!

Boost your pupils’ confidence in foreign language and broaden their horizons!

The Digital journey is a language learning enrichment program for teenagers from the age of 10 to 18 years old.(KS3, GCSE and A-levels).

Our online educative exchange network is based on peer to peer conversations and fun interactions, supervised by bilingual Coaches.

We offer this programme to families and have designed a special offer for secondary Schools (KS3, KS4, A level).

“ The best way to learn a language is to practice it” Georgie, Coach at World is a Village

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The founders of World is a Village have been serials entrepreneurs in education for 20 years.

World is a Village is part of Founders Factory’s EdTech programme  acceleration.

World is a Village is a board member of EDTECH France & French Tech Paris

The Digital Journey programme is hosted on a private and fully secure server and all content is moderated by our team. All participants are fully vetted.

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The Benefits of the Digital Journey for Teens

The Digital Journey is an extra-curricular program that gives teenagers the opportunity to meet teens their age in other countries, share their passions, progress in foreign language and boost their self-confidence.

With the supervision of a bilingual  coach and always in a fun and engaging way. More infos

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On the road to peer to peer learning…

The 1st educative social network where teens learn from one another.

Cultural Quizzes, Weekly missions and live “Village games” in small groups to trigger conversation and build friendships.

“I would definitely recommend this programme to other parents and friends of mine because I feel that its collaborative approach between the children is immensely beneficial and they learn so well as a team” Kate, secondary school teacher

Connect Teachers and Pupils to the world!

A tailor-made programme for schools to replace or complement physical travels

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  • In these peculiar times, where many school trips and homestay exchanges are cancelled due to the pandemic, making connections with fellow teenagers across the world and broadening their horizons to new cultures and ways of life is more critical than ever.
  • This is why we have built a special offer for schools and foreign language teachers who want to organise peer to peer conversations with classes or group of students in other countries.
  • Please contact us to connect with other schools via the Digital Journey. We can create private communities for you and your partner schools and provide all the pedagogical tools based on our unique peer to peer learning method. Contact us for more info