As soon as two families have reached an agreement for the trip and the hosting of the child, we invite the families to sign an exchange contract.


This contract has been set up with the aim of respecting all the parties involved in the exchange and to allow the child to have an experience in the best possible conditions.

In addition to the data on the stay such as the date or duration, this contract includes commitments on the obligations of both families (the host family and the sending family), and of the child.

The obligations of the host family concern accommodation, food, hygiene, transport and activities offered to the child. The receiving family also undertakes to provide the child with the means to communicate with his or her parents.

The safety and comfort of the child must be guaranteed by the hosting family. Obligations are also envisaged in the event of conflict or health problems of the child.

The child’s sending family is responsible for certain obligations: guaranteeing the child’s parental authority.

It also commits itself to the administrative arrangements for travel and transport. It must also ensure that it remains contactable by the host family.

Finally, the child undertakes to respect the rules and customs of the host family and all its members. He or she must also comply with the laws and regulations applicable in the host family’s country.