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What's in the Brochure 2020?

For the past few months the team has been putting together our Borchure 2020 to keep up our transparency values. It is now available for free download. Here is what you can find in it.

  • A lettre from Camille, founder of World is a Village
  • How World is a Village was born
  • Our pedagogical vision
  • What is the price for organising a homestay trip
  • Child protection
  • The rules that make us a community 
  • How World is a Village proposes the best families
  • How we made World is a Village the safest place to book a homestay trip
  • How to start a conversation with a family
  • How World is a Village insures the trip of your child
  • World is a Village Foundation

Register your school on World is a Village, share exclusive access with the parents of the students in your school. Parents can then register, meet and chat with families from all over the world to send their children abroad.

How does it work ?

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Earn 1,000 WIV points! That’s 10 free nights on your child’s first trip.


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Connect with families worldwide that have similar affinities.


Host and travel

Confirm your trip. Take advantage of World is a Village’s support, our 24/7 insurance and assistance.


Nymphenburger Gymnasium


Aiken Country Public Schools


World is a Village sounded directly like a great concept to us. It took me actually 10 minutes to register my school and couple of days to onboard all the families. I am so excited about the project!

I am very enthusiastic about World is a Village. The concept is great and it will earn me so much time to organise pupils trips!

I rapidly sent all informations about the service to all our parents so they can register easily.

Christoph S.

Arthur L.

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