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2020: Most (eco-friendly) Instagrammable destinations

As you may know, Instagram is not only a platform for gorgeous photos and videos, for talking to your friends or scrolling through the best memes. It has become an e-shop for many brands, a platform for social justice and many political movements. But it has also become a great travel guide for the most beautiful travel destinations! It is also a trendsetter, showing how to become more eco-friendly in your daily life.

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So many photographers are using Instagram to show their best work. The most beautiful travel photography you could ever wish for, just at the tip of your fingers! 

Travel agencies, like contiki, magazines, and blogs, like Indie Traveller’s travel blog have taken this opportunity to vote on the most attractive, esthetically speaking 😉, destinations in the world.

In this new year, and being a travel tech, edtech, platform, we thought it was necessary we joined in on the fun! 

eco-friendly travel destination 2020

Further, living in a world becoming more and more aware of the disastrous part humans are playing in its destruction, we decided it was important to make this list taking into account carbon footprint, affordable travel, and eco-friendly, transport, tourism, accommodation… 

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list per continent of the most Instagrammable, cheapest and most eco-friendly travel destinations in 2020

If you want to be eco-friendly in Europe…

The Baltics

The Baltic states are composed of three gorgeous countries called Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. They are situated in Northern Europe on the Eastern coast of the Baltic sea. 

Those countries are quite cheap and are composed of some Scandinavian vibes mixed with some cool European style

Lithuania is known for its steps towards more eco-friendly tourism, following the UN’s guidelines quite well.


Georgia is a country that has not yet been discovered by tourists as it was for so long in an unrest status with Russia. But now things have calmed down and Georgia opens it’s shy doors to the rest of the world.

With an eccentric Capital aligned with wooden facade houses to the Caucasian Mountain range without forgetting the dead sea, Georgia is truly a gem that will not stay secret for long.


This country is becoming more and more famous as a travel destination. Almost too famous that it didn’t make the cut for our list, but we just couldn’t resist adding it. 

Everyone knows about the parties in Porto and the culture in Lisboa. But what you may not know about are the gems found in the south of Portugal. We’re not talking about the super southern coast that faces North Africa, unfortunately, that bit of paradise has been overly crowded with tourists. 

We’re talking about the southern coast to the west. It is filled with gorgeous beaches and barely anyone knows about it! And it’s a lot cheaper than other places in Europe like Spain or the South of France.

Eco-travel in North America…


We know Mexico has been on a lot of these lists. Specifically, Tulum, Mexico which was @earth #1 destination for 2019. But, Mexico has a lot more to offer. Oaxaca region for example. 

The Oaxaca region is probably one of the safest in the country. Oaxaca city, its capital, shows its spirit with houses painted in the colors of the rainbow, museums open all day long (most of them are free) and a free theatre that shows plays regularly.

Not far from the main city you can find the Tree of Tule, known as the largest in the world, or Mount Alban, the ancient capital of the Zapotec. You can also find petrified waterfalls, and to the south of the region, on the coast, Puerto Escondido with beaches that seem untouched by trash.

British Columbia 

British Columbia is probably one of the most beautiful regions you can find in North America. There’s something for everyone, glaciers, forest, lake, skiing, but also city life in Vancouver or Victoria. Let’s not forget the islands off their coast which are as gorgeous as the mainland. You might even be able to see the northern lights in some parts!

A very eco-friendly destination! Whistler, a town not too far from Vancouver known for its ski resort, has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. No easy task knowing how non-environmental friendly ski resorts tend to be…


I know what you’re thinking: Aruba? But it’s known for its expensive resorts and big cruises. How could it be eco-friendly and affordable, cause we all know it’s Insta-worthy! 

Well, it is! It’s the first Caribbean Island to set a goal to be 100% running on renewable energy by the end of this year.

What’s even more exciting is that there is something available for everyone! If you’re an adventurer there is Arikok National Park, if you like deep-sea you can go diving to discover the wonders of the ocean or if you just want to get your tan on there are more than enough beaches to choose from. 

To top it all off, Aruba is in a hurricane dead zone, so you can visit any month of the year! 

South America: the eco-friendly destination


The first reason we think you should go to Chile is, of course, because it’s B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. With gorgeous landscapes like the Atacama Desert (the driest non-polar place on earth) or Cajon del Maipo (great for white water rafting), in Chile, you’ll be able to discover a variety of planes that are quite impressive!

We can’t forget about Chile’s cities, the colorful Valparaiso or even Chile’s houses on stilts, which were once a fisherman’s home of choice! So much to discover in this amazing country… 

Further, the country’s sustainability efforts are being noticed worldwide. Starting with Santiago, its capital, which runs its metro solely on solar energy. The government has also initiated a special certificate based on three levels of sustainability for tourism agencies.


Much like Chile, Argentina has an incredible diversity of landscapes. From historical cities like Buenos Aires to nature’s statements in the Glacier National Park, Argentina is truly a gorgeous place. You can enjoy winter sports in the middle of July by traveling to beautiful skiing resorts. 

Check Antoine’s Testimony! He traveled to Mendoza, Argentina with World is a Village!

Unfortunately, Argentina is not the most eco-friendly country… With its culture very centered around its meat industry and the lack of recycling in big cities as well as rural areas. But how could we not add it to the list with landscapes as gorgeous as these?


Although traveling through Bolivia can sometimes be a hard and bumpy journey it is also one of the most beautiful trips you will make in a lifetime. It is also one of the cheapest. 

Take a bus and go on an adventure through the Bolivian countryside. Venture through the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni and hike up monstrous mountains like mount Huayna Potosi (easiest 6000m peak to climb in the world)

Another point that will convince the eco-friendly tourists among you, the country has been opening some ecolodges to support their indigenous communities through tourism. Indigenous people make up 62% of the country’s population, the largest indigenous population in South America. 

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Asia: an uncommon eco-friendly destination


Have you ever dreamt of climbing the Himalayas but you don’t necessarily have the budget for Everest or the climbing skills? It’s ok! You can still go trekking in Nepal and discover the beautiful landscapes of this great mountain range. Nepal is known for being the country with the lowest trekking prices, alone or with a guide!

Although the country doesn’t have a great recycling program, which means a lot of trash is left out in nature, Nepal has been making efforts towards more eco-friendly tourism. Indeed an eco-adventure trend has started to appear with tours all over the country!

Republic of Palau

The small country of the Republic of Palau is located just East of South East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It is comprised of more than 500 islands. With that many places to visit in one country, we are ready to bet it is beautiful.

Imagine white-sanded beaches with lush green forests, that is Palau!

On top of being maybe one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Republic of Palau has gone through great efforts to keep it out of the hands of mass tourism. Creating barrier reefs and banning fishing in a lot of places. Through all these efforts, Palau islands have become a diver’s paradise.


Laos is one of the last countries in the area of South East Asia that hasn’t been overrun by western civilization. This makes it one of the cheapest places to travel today. And also one of the most beautiful with a land that is 70% covered with forest. It is an adventurer’s paradise!

Hike through the rice farms or go climbing the sharp mountains south of Luang Prapang. For once in a lifetime experience, and for those wanting to stay in the eco-friendly tourism parts of Laos, you can sleep in a tree-house thanks to the Gibbon Experience.

How to travel all the while staying eco-friendly and finding the best destinations for 2020 is a real dilemma for globetrotters these days. Especially when top destinations in the past are not necessarily the most eco-friendly ones…

But as we can see, more and more countries are making efforts into more affordable tourism as well as being more environmentally friendly. It is NOW possible to travel by also respecting the environment and taking great pictures for your feed! 📸

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Let us know where you will be traveling this year! 🌎Leave a comment 👇

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