I’m Camille H.Despointes, the founder of World is a Village.


We are parents, travelers and entrepreneurs.

World is a Village is a team of entrepreneurs who are convinced that for teenagers meeting each other and travelling is the best way to grow.

Thanks to our multi-generational and multi-cultural team, we make sure we understand the needs and cultures of all the families and teens who trust us.

At World is a Village, families and teens from all over the world connect to find the most transparent and authentic solution to offer digital experiences, language and cultural holidays. Because we are all convinced that connecting the youth to each other is fighting for diversity, open-mindedness and self-confidence.

What we want to bring to families and teenagers today: to modernise our language travel offers, to reference the best digital language learning offers, to make them authentic, transparent and tailor-made, without forgetting anyone thanks to our commitment to the creation of our foundation.

Our team

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