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4 facts proving Germany is a truly cool country

Serious, powerful, welcoming, Germany is a country known to be culturally rich. It would take months, years to discover everything. But what did you really know about Germany? Here are 4 interesting things to learn about Germany!

General information

  • Capital : Berlin
  • Population : 83 millions
  • Language : German

The biggest city of Germany is Berlin 

Berlin is the capital of Germany. With 3.7 m inhabitants, it is by far the biggest city of the country. When Germany was divided into two countries, East-Berlin and West-Berlin were two cities, separated by the Berlin Wall.

Brandenburg Gate @Berlin

Germany is a Federal Republic. In how many states does it consist ?

The Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) consists of 16 Bundesländer. Each federal state has its own Parliament, which can make certain decisions for itself without having to ask the Parliament for the whole of Germany, the Bundestag in Berlin, for its opinion. 

What are the advantages? First and foremost, federalism offers protection against excessive power of a person or a political party, since the power is shared. It also gives politicians the chance to respond more to regional problems and opportunities. The citizen also has a better chance of having a say.

Which “Bundesländer” have you already heard about ? Hambourg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria…

Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest public festival, and it’s German !

Literally “October Fest”, this festival takes place in the second part of… September! This party is the time of the year when German people gather in Munich in order to celebrate the Beer and “Knuckle of pork” (a traditional dish) together. It lasts for 16 days. 

Guess how many people attend the Oktoberfest festival each year ? 6.3 million people !

6.3 million people come to the „Wiesn“ (Meadow) and celebrate all together. 7.3 million liters of beer are consumed during these wild days in Munich, accompanied by 124 bulls and 29 calves. Due to COVID19 the Oktoberfest cannot take place this year.

How does Oktoberfest look like

The most popular dish in Germany is Currywurst 

German is known for its sausages. Currywurst sticks out, as it is a very popular fast-food (mostly together with French Fries) and it is also the weekly highlight in most canteens of schools and companies. It is a grilled red sausage, cut into pieces, drowned in a thick tomato sauce with curry flavor. Here is what it looks like. Believe us, it’s delicious !

It’s all for today about Germany. Did you learn something ?
Don’t hesitate to check out our blog posts on USA, and United Kingdom. The World is so culturally rich, see you next week for the presentation of a new country.

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