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World is a Village

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World is a Village bei DWEN 2019 in Singapur

Camille, founder of World is a Village, had the great privilege to be invited to DWEN 2019 Summit, Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. The 3-day event took place in Singapore by mid-July. Those 3 amazing days are sum up here!

Dell supports women entrepreneurs worldwide to scale their business through the power of tech, access to a global network and also an access to investors.

As a Worldwide technology-oriented actor, Dell has the power to help women entrepreneur to grow their business. With all these elements in mind, DWEN is expanding their community, giving opportunities, sharing best practices, inspirations, technologies and resource support.

Dell is also providing the power of a wide community, sharing access to tech advisors, partners, influencers and all DWEN members from all over the World.


3 days spent chatting, listening and learning for all women present at DWEN

Camille spent 3 inspiring days shared between all hands conference, workshops and moments sharing experience with all DWEN members. Specials moments to chat around all trending topics for such entrepreneurs women make you learn a lot.

.@KarenHQuintos welcomes over 110 women entrepreneurs from 20 countries who have a combined revenue of more than $1 billion at the 10th annual #DWEN Summit being held in Singapore. We’re all here to share stories, inspire each other and transform the world! pic.twitter.com/12ztRUiETw — Dell Entrepreneurs (@DellInnovators) July 15, 2019

How Dell is playing a major role in women empowerment

Dell is now supporting for 10 years the entrepreneurship of women. The US multinational computer technology brand is releasing 2019 Dell Women Entrepreneur Cities Index, a guide dedicated to Woman activities in all major city of the planet.

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network - Singapore

Camille has also the chance to meet with Marianna, an entrepreneur from Sao Paolo, Brasil at DWEN 2019. In the video below she is sharing her feeling about our service World is a Village.

Amy Millman, entrepreneur and President of Springboard Entreprises (Washington State) was also present at DWEN Singapore. Discussing with her was a real pleasure. about World is a Village

Why the Women Entrepreneurship movement is important to us

World is a Village has been created by Camille, an entrepreneur who previously created an ed-tech company – sold to Sodexo.

As a woman entrepreneur, Camille is impulsing the idea of democratizing the cultural and linguistic on education tech market.

The alchemy behind World is a Village is a mix of different beliefs we support while leading business: entrepreneurship, education and woman empowerment!

Want to know why Camille started World is a Village? You should better read the article on Medium Why I decided to create World is a Village

See you in the coming up DWEN assembly in Utrecht, Netherlands on December 2-3 🙌

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